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Kristi W.
Yukon, OK

I was fortunate enough to meet Saumo, through my daughter, McKenzie. I love most of his art work, so I commissioned him to do a smallish piece for a narrow area on my bathroom wall. He painted the koi for me,  and after I framed it with a dark box frame, he covered it with epoxy, making the colors more vibrant. I love it!  Maybe you have an empty  space in your home or office that could use some color or interest.


Arthur W.
Kailua, HI

Beautifully and strongly painted by a masterful artist. His paintings not only evokes passion with every brush stroke but also touches on the cultural level too. Absolutely stunning on every level. I'm glad I own an original. 


Linda S.
Vacaville, CA

I am an art novice but an avid follower of Saumo’s art and am beyond excited for the impact he is making in the industry and Pacific Islander culture.  Words cannot describe all the emotions I felt when I received my commissioned piece.  He took a simple photograph of my island home and was able to capture my childhood and all its wonderful memories with every stroke of his brush. 

Each time I glance at it a different memory bubbles its way up.  I can imagine my father, who is no longer with us, standing on the porch looking out surveying the coastline and reef.  I see my cousins and friends, giddy with excitement, as they neared the front dock.  I hear the airplanes that flew in and out of the nearby airport. 

Every bit of my childhood is present in this piece and I am forever grateful to Saumo for giving me the chance to share those stories with my family and friends.


Mykey G.

I first met the artist in Oklahoma City, neither of us realizing how important the other was in their own life.  Looking at his art I felt like I was looking at someone chasing something.  Like he was trying to capture something lost.  Like he left behind something he had somewhere along his life.  What exactly he was missing I could never articulate into words, but looking at each new piece there it was. Then he moved back to Hawaii.


Whatever he found in Hawaii made him whole again. His art changed. Filling whatever it was he was looking for. His creations felt more pure and honest, though surreal. It was as if he opened a new door within himself and placed what he found there directly on the canvas.


The original he completed "Limu" took me to the ocean depths. There the water washed over me. I could breathe underwater, never needing to come to land again.  I imagined myself floating in the Pacific waters knowing nothing of my old life.  I miss nothing and no one, because I am complete, hundred of feet under water.


Cori T.
Queen Creek, AZ

The art of my friend Saumo has become a constant presence in nearly every room of my home.  No matter the subject matter, or if the pieces are commissioned or inspired by Saumo's own spirit, these pieces bring life to my rooms and vibrance to my life.  I believe I now own 7 pieces, and I love sharing the stories of their inspiration when I have visitors.  Faafetai ma ou te alofa ia te oe, Saumo!


Amanda S.
Honolulu, HI

I am truly honored to own an original work of Art by Saumolia.  His beautiful, soulful painting brings serenity to my office space and gives joy to others who visit.  I literally miss my Lau Ti when I'm away from work and hope to someday have Saumo's art grace the walls in my home as well.


Hillary H.

I had the honoring of attending the University of Hawai’i at Manoa with Saumolia and graduating in the same class. He has been a wonderful friend over the years and I have enjoyed seeing his art evolve into beautiful magnificent paintings that encapsulate who is as an artist both culturally and artistically. I often find myself mesmerized in the tropical landscapes or patterns he uses to create his multi layered paintings that are a reflection of his own artistic expression and passion. I have a miniature painting which I love and cherish and wake up to every morning. He has an amazing ability in using color and light to transform a canvas into brilliant art.


Ewa Beach, HI

The beauty of art is that it can make you feel, it can help heal hurt, calm anger, make you smile again and in some cases you’ll find inspiration that will literally help you reach the stars ⭐️ and 🪐 🪐 my case. Art is magical and I was lucky enough to own this piece. It has not only inspired me to think outside the box but every night it gives me peace of mind when I look upon it before I go to sleep.  @artbysaumolia I’ll say it again you’re a gift to the world and GREAT artist!!! 🌈⭐️♥️🙏🤩☀️🪐🌈☺️☺️☺️. Huge Mahalo for everything!!!!


Travis S.
Santa Barbara, CA

I first saw Saumo's painting "Diaspora Cultures: This is Not a Coconut" in an exhibit of art students' work at the UH Art Gallery in 2012. Years later, I still couldn't get the painting out of my mind. Riffing on the famous "This is Not a Pipe" painting by Magritte, this piece works on just so many levels. Not only is it showing that a work in Samoan language, using Pacific styles and motifs, and addressing Pacific Islander issues can be just as deep and meaningful as something in French, it also hints at a range of important issues facing Pacific Islanders, as symbolized by the consumption of coconut purchased in a can, from a Hawaiian-branded company, but grown and/or packaged in Thailand; the alienation of the traditional foodstuffs of the people from its natural form, the appropriation of the idea of "Hawaii" to sell products, and the ensnarement of Pacific peoples and the natural riches of their islands into (arguably) exploitative and expropriative networks of global capitalism. I emailed Saumo years later, in 2016, to say I cannot get this painting out of my mind, and he responded kindly, enthusiastically, and offered me an extremely reasonable price, taking the time and effort to touch up some spots where the paint had flaked, wrapping it up very nicely to ship to me, and so forth. He was even kind and understanding with me when I flaked and, for a few months, said that actually, on second thought, I couldn't afford the painting after all, and then, on third thought, yes, I can.  After I received it, the painting immediately went up on the wall in my TA office, quickly becoming a topic of conversation among my students and my fellow historians. I was proud to display a piece of Pacific art in our overwhelmingly US-centric History department, and glad for the attention it received. If I ever manage to accumulate a larger personal art collection, this will always have a pride of place as the cornerstone, the first piece I ever bought.


Art fan from
Hau’ula, HI

I have had the pleasure of seeing Saumolia's creations on display in galleries.  His art touches me in many ways.  The visual impact of color strokes on a canvas is one part of the experience.  But it was the emotional impact that provided the motivation to acquire prints from him, prints that are now on my wall.  The images represent wonderful places and experiences.  They make me happy every time I walk past them.   

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