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48x36 inch oil painting

A portrait painting of Reverend Taylor and Isapela Puapuaga. It is a visual testimony that captures the essence and legacy of my parents and their leadership in the Samoan Church of the Nazarene community. I celebrate and honor my parents, family, culture, and Creator. God Bless my ‘Aiga, amene.

                   Read about my painting, click here!

Exhibition held at the Donkey Mill Art Center, Kona Hawaii from March 18 - July 8, 2023. Participating Artists: l frank, Kenyatta Kelechi, Yuki Kihara, Ian Kualiʻi, Marques Hanalei Marzan, Meleanna Meyer, Brandon Ng, Saumolia Puapuaga, Nainoa Rosehill, Mikiʻala Souza, Michel Tuffery.

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